Clean Water Campaign

The Southeast Michigan Partners for Clean Water formed to engage the public in activities that protect our water resources through continued awareness, knowledge, and action. The Partnership includes representatives from SEMCOG, various counties, communities, watershed councils, and water-quality professionals in Southeast Michigan. For more info, visit

Resources on How You Can Help Keep our Waters Safe

DEQ Training & Workshops
Adopt-A-Stream Program
Maintaining Your Detention Basin Guidebook
Healthy Lawn Care Program for Watershed Protection
Clinton River Watershed Council
MDOT Storm Water Management
Environmental 24-Hour Hotline
What can you do to protect our waterways?

Use These Tips to do Your Part in Preventing Water Pollution

Storm Water Guide
Household Hazardous Waste
Lawn & Fertilizer
Boat & Auto Care
A Guide to Cold Weather Practices
Native Landscaping
Rain Gardens
Rain Barrels
Composting Guide
Recreational Vehicle Dumpsites
Waterfront Wisdom: Healthy Habits for Clean Water