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Oxford Township/Lake Villa Water Connection Project:
  The Lake Villa water main project is nearing completion.
All of the water main has been installed and the final meter work is expected to be completed by August 28, 2017.
The interconnection between the Oxford Township water system and Lake Villa MHC will be opened once the
meter work is complete.  Following completion of the interconnection and flushing of the water lines by the
Lake Villa maintenance staff, some discolored water may be experienced as the flow of water is changed.
The discoloration is not harmful and will eventually dissipate with usage.

Lake Villa MHC Precautionary Boil Water Notice (Click Here)
On August 15, 2017, the final connection between the new Oxford Township water main and the existing Lake Villa water lines were made.  To perform this construction work, water had to be temporarily turned off to a small area in the Hunters Rill/Parker Lake Drive area.  All went well with the construction and the water system was back in service by mid-day.  However, even though only a small area of the Lake Villa MHC was affected, a boil water notice was issued to the entire Lake Villa MHC as a precautionary measure.  As the notice indicates, follow up sampling will occur to ensure that the water is safe of any contaminants.  Please contact the Lake Villa MHC office for specific information on the precautionary boil water notice.

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