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North Oxford Cemetery

There are graves available for purchase at the North Oxford Cemetery, in both the old and new sections. The cost of an individual grave is $400.00.

Please Contact the Clerk's Office for additional information.
Phone: (248) 628-9787, ext. 106

The North Oxford Cemetery is located on North Oxford Road, between Noble and Oakwood Roads. The oldest part was the pioneer burial ground, which served the early settlers in that area. There is no record of a church having been near the cemetery, but there was a school. It was the practice in early days to hold meetings in the schoolhouses when circuit riding ministers came. Cemeteries were traditionally located near the schoolhouse.

According to Mae Laidlaw Terry, a descendent of a North Oxford family, the first school building was moved away. In the 1850s, the State decreed that school buildings be of standard size and construction. This second North Oxford School burned in 1914 and was replaced by the brick building, which is still standing beside the cemetery and is now a modern home.

The original burial ground is in the northwest corner of the present cemetery, close by the school. Mention is made in the History of Oakland County written in 1877 “that a Mr. Jenkins was run over by a wagonload of grain and buried in Section 12 where ground had been set aside for one of the [T]ownship cemeteries.” There is a marker for a James Jenkins, who died in 1841. According to Ms. Terry, the first burial was actually Jared Mix, a relative of hers, in 1838. There are no records of these original burial grounds. If there were records kept, they have been lost.  Perhaps burning in 1914 when the school burned.

In 1989, the North Oakland Historical Society created a map and directory of the North Oxford Cemetery by physically mapping the site and recording information from the remaining legible headstones. A copy of this information is available to examine in the Clerk’s Department. In October 1994, Mrs. Beryle Hickmott graciously donated an additional two acres of property to Oxford Township for the expansion of the cemetery. This property is located directly south of the original cemetery. The first burial in this new section was Mark Hickmott, Mrs. Beryle Hickmott’s son. Mark died on October 10, 2006 in a work-related accident, and was buried on October 14, 2006.