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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

There are graves available for purchase at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, primarily in the easternmost section.  The cost of an individual grave is $400.00.

Please Contact the Clerk's Office for additional Information.
Phone: (248) 628-9787, ext. 106

The Cemetery was originally owned and operated by the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association. It is located in the southwest part of Section 6 of Oxford Township, approximately a quarter mile north of the Village of Oakwood, which stands at the intersection of Baldwin and Oakwood Roads.

The Mt. Pleasant Cemetery was spared destruction in 1896 when the Village of Oakwood and the surrounding countryside was devastated by a tornado. The early Association records were destroyed by fire, and available records only date to approximately 1890.

Originally, a Cemetery House was located on lots 4 and 5 of Ranges 1 and 2 in the southern section. This Cemetery House was used to conduct funerals for bodies brought from a distance. With the advent of funeral parlors, the Cemetery House fell into disuse. The furniture was removed, and the Cemetery House eventually burned. The lectern was given to the Northeast Oakland Historical Museum, where it remains on display.

The cemetery originally consisted of 1.45 acres. This first land was purchased from the farm of Hosea Campbell in 1834. Additional purchases from Milton Campbell and M. Bayliss in 1866, 1872 and 1965 enlarged the cemetery to approximately 7 acres. In 1995, the easternmost section of the cemetery was platted into large lettered sections and individual graves. In 2014, Oxford Township re-platted most of this area into 8 grave lots, in keeping with the layout of the other cemeteries.

It should be noted that the numbering system for all sections of the cemetery is different. Maps are available of each section at the Oxford Township Clerk’s Office. Given the rising costs of maintaining a privately-owned cemetery, the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association turned over ownership of the cemetery to the Charter Township of Oxford on December 19, 2007.